Stress counselling in Cheadle near South Manchester and Stockport

What is stress?

Stress counselling in South Manchester Stress is an inevitable part of life - we can't avoid it. Indeed a certain amount of stress is beneficial to our lives, as it can give us an adrenalin buzz/drive us forward to achieve goals. But for many of us stress can become overwhelming - we feel our lives are spinning out of control; we feel powerless; our anxiety becomes habitual and we feel depressed , stressed and angry. Stress can have a negative impact on our relationships.

People who have autism spectrum disorder or Asperger's find social interaction stressful.

How can stress counselling help?

Counselling can help you manage your stress by
  • facing your fears
  • identifying stress triggers
  • challenging your negative thought patterns/beliefs about yourself and others. In this way counselling can change the neural pathways in your brain.
  • helping you to accept what you can control (eg your response to a stressful event/choosing foods which boost your serotonin, dopamine levels) and what you can't control (eg the behaviour of others)
  • learning to self soothe and nurture your vulnerable feelings
  • identifying self harming, addictive behaviour as an attempt to avoid stressful feelings
  • accepting that we all feel stress/vulnerable
  • learning mindfulness/meditation/grounding techniques


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“The biggest part of healing or making ourselves whole is to accept all of ourselves, all the many parts of ourselves” Louise Hay